Welcome to Biomechanical Integrity LLC

“My passion is enabling people to see the connections between the way they move and the injuries they experience.  When pain is no longer a mystery, action can be taken to rehabilitate movement patterns, improve function, and prevent future injury.” Janelle Brown LMT, CNMT

Corporate Training

Elevate your team and help protect them from the negative impacts the office has on their body. 

Gait Analysis

The way you move tells a story of your body–it’s strength, history, and injuries. Did you know that your gait (the way you walk) is almost as unique as your fingerprint?

Soft Tissue Manipulation

Breaking down knots of compensation and aiding in neuromuscular facilitation.


I utilize biomechanics (viewing the body through mechanical concepts) to take a more qualitative and analytical approach to problem solving.

Why seek treatment to improve your Biomechanics?

Something simple, like hearing your ankles crack as you climb and descend stairs might seem like part of your character; however, consistent ‘cracking’ is a sign of dysfunction. 

This along with other, often pain-free, nuances are frequently the precursors to repetitive use injuries. Improving your biomechanics (the way your body moves and experiences loads like going up and down stairs) can significantly reduce your risk of future injury.

The way you use your body on a daily basis has an impact on the pain you experience.

The connective tissues of the body begin to harden after 20 minutes of inactivity.