Corporate Training

Want an Employee Wellness Program that Actually Makes  You Stand Out?

Let's Be Real...

There are some glaring flaws with corporate training/employee wellness programs. Often, they are cookie-cutter programs that encourage everyone to take the stairs and stop smoking–this severely limits participation if only 3 people in your office still smoke, and you’re located on the ground floor.


You have the option to subject your employees to a program where they pay with their privacy to participate.  And then what? Back to cookie cutting, their data is processed via algorithm to make suggestions about their health. 

Let's Treat People like People

While you may not employee professional athletes, I would argue that your employees still use their bodies to do their jobs.  In fact, if they work full time, they probably use their body to work at the office more than any other activity they participate in–save for maybe sleeping.

“But they’re just sitting there…” Guess what, if sitting all day were good for your body, truck drivers would be the epitome of health.  You’d be rushing to the store to buy a Trucker Calendar, but I’m guessing you don’t own one. 

What I Offer

One-on-One: Time with each employee to learn about the physical toll their job is taking on them.

Range of Motion (ROM) Testing: Evaluating related joints as a screening tool for early detection of repetitive use injuries.

Ergonomic Assessment and Training: I’ll work with what you have at the office to merge ideal with reality and teach your employees how to adjust problematic postures and movements.

Soft Tissue Manipulation: Therapeutic massage to increase ROM and circulation while decreasing myofascial pain. The best part? This can be done right at an employee’s desk or workstation–no undressing, no whale music, save the cucumbers for your lunch.

Quantifiable Results: My goal is to minimize workplace injuries and sick days by improving productivity that is supported by a foundation of functional movement and injury prevention.

Time to Make it Happen!

I want to make taking care of your employees an easy process.  Whether you’re looking for:

  • An Employee Appreciation Day 
  • A plan for Proactive Care
  • An Educational Seminar on Workplace Wellness  

I’m here to make your idea a reality!

Email to get the conversation started.